• about 10-15 minutes long -
  • 14 endings - 
  • a hidden mechanic-
  • easy to play - 
  • free -
  • best played in Chrome -
  • Languages: English, Spanish Italian and German


  • "The gameplay is smooth and combat poses a challenge despite its simplicity,(...)This short adventure is an impressive first game for sure" — Indie Game Of The Week


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Made withAseprite, Tiled, Phaser
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Casual, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksHomepage, Twitter

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Great game! I enjoyed getting all 14 endings. BTW, there is a bug on music playing multiple times whenever you play again.

I want to share the simplified list of conditions for getting the 14 endings. Also... there is no real ending and no secret ending exist! You will always need 4 keys and return to prisoner to end the game.



  1. Kill all.
  2. Kill 1, leave the rest.
  3. Heal 1, leave the rest.
  4. Heal 1, kill 1, leave the rest.
  5. Leave all alive.
  6. Heal 1, kill the rest.
  7. Heal all.
  8. Heal all, cure soil.
  9. Leave all, cure soil.
  10. Kill all, cure soil.
  11. Heal 1, kill the rest, cure soil.
  12. Heal 1, kill 1, leave the rest, cure soil.
  13. Heal 1, leave the rest, cure soil.
  14. Kill 1, leave the rest, cure soil.

Note: The 1's here means 'at least one', it doesn't restrict to one, you can do more.

Congrats for getting to all 14 endings and thank you for the bug, I'll try to fix-it as soon as possible. With what browser did you play the game?

Android Chrome version 106. I played it on mobile phone, I don't have computer hehehehehe... hehe.

LOL. Impressive. Thank you for the info.



ending 1: do as he says, kill everyone, get the keys, free him and off u go

Ending 2: do as he says, kill ONLY 1 undead, get the keys, free him and off u go

ending 3: heal 1 undead (ignore the others), get the keys, free him and off u go

Ending 4: kill 1 undead, heal 1 undead (ignore the others), get the keys, free him and off u go

ending 5: dont kill anyone, get the keys, free him and off u go

Ending 6: do as he says, heal 1 undead and kill the rest, get the keys, free him and off u go

ending 7: heal everyone, DONT heal the ground, get the keys, free him and off u go

Ending 8: heal everyone, heal the ground, get the keys, free him and off u go.

ending 9: dont touch any undead, heal the ground, get the keys, free him and of u go.

Ending 10: kill all of the undead, heal the ground, get the keys, free him and off u go.

ending 11: heal 1 undead, kill 1 undead, heal the ground, get the keys and off u go.

Ending 12: heal 1 undead (another accident, like the time u were born... hahahahahahaha), kill 1 undead, heal the ground, get the keys, free him and off u go.

ending 13: heal 1 undead (it was an accident i meant to heal only the ground, all hail the the most north west undead ¬_¬), heal the ground, get the keys, free him and off u go.

Ending 14: (gone for a break since i have no idea yet)


Secret ending: turn everyone into humans, kill them, get the keys, free him and off u go

Secret ending 6: heal everyone, kill 1 human (it was an accident this time i swear), get the keys, free him and off u go

LORE: the prisoner is actually a powerful mage that cursed (accidently?) the people making them undead. some endings telling us about the infected people, which means he didnt curse everyone so its a bit more likely he cursed 1 person that infected the rest but ending 5 telling us the prisoner cursed us for NOT killing the people which makes it very likely it WAS on a purpose, other endings telling us the people forgive him for his deeds which result in 2 options: 1.the curse includes some kind of memory spell that made them forget who cursed them | 2. it really was an accident. since there are 2 sides (cursed them accidently or on a purpose?) that means theres also a chance the prisoner is possessed by a demon, an evil spirit, etc. in my opinion hes possessed and thats y he cursed them. edit: in one of my plays for the new endings i noticed theres another cage near the prisoner but that caged is wrecked, did another mage escape?


notes for readers: secret endings r things i did and didnt give me any special endings i also hope the creator will notice this long arse comment and add some secret endings :3. edit: thanks for actually adding most of my secret endings :D. i may have got confused with the order or something but *most* the ending r here.

notes for the creator: if u need a motivation to update the game (or make a new one :D ) just know that theres a dude out there who wasted about 4 hours writing this lol. i think itll be better if u will copy this comment and repost it urself or put it somewhere else where people will notice, u r the creator so posting the endings would confirm the guide (dont forget to credit me if u do lol). its very good for a first game, i made my first game when i was 10 and it was just a dialogue between the player and the computer so this game is just amazing 12/10 keep going :D. edit: i rly hope u will make more games like this or keep the story for more games.

That was a cool game! I got ending 8 the first time

Neat game, the fact that it organically hints about the trick to the player is good design.

But, I have to be that guy and point out that to be a roguelike requires procedural generation/randomness. Simply having a lack of checkpoints/saves is not enough.

I wasn't sure about that, thank you for explaining it to me. I deleted the line about the game being a roguelike. And thank you for playing the game and for your comment!

Deleted 1 year ago

Yes, I'm working on adding and ending for "secret ending" 2 and 3 but not for the first one. Thank you for playing the game!

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god i hope i didnt miss anything 

edit: of course i missed something. anyone knows if the creator got a patreon or something? ig he doesnt since its his first game :/

Hey, I don't. But thank you for asking.

will u make one? idk how to support u

No, I won't. But if you want to support me, please share the game. Thanks!

aw, too bad. but i do have some friends who would like this

Love it! Gotta play to do the other endings! I'll make suggestions then!

I like it! My only suggestion is maybe allow players to walk diagonally? So far so good though

i wasted my time using heal to plant flowers on every single block thinking itll give me an ending. at the end i got the first ending :(

Did you only heal the plants? That's interesting. I probably should add an ending for this very case. You were actually on the right track with your idea, but you missed healing something else too.

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I'm working on adding two more endings, one of which will address the case you encountered. So, thank you for your comment!

yea i did but now i got every ending (btw {SPOILER} thats one deep lore the prisoner is actually a powerful mage that made all these people undead? i didnt expect that.). the other endings r amzing too :D

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Either by accident or on purpose, but yes.

Super nifty lil game

This is a lovely little experience, well done dev!

Nice game bro, congrats

Congrats on a very smooth first game! 

Pretty good for a first game

Very nice little game! Love the graphics and the aesthetic.
I saw what you were doing with this and almost got it 100% 
Well played :D

PS: that walking animation is soooo smooth!

so cool, it just has to make the game smoother, I don't know if it's just for me but it's kind of stuck 

What do you mean by stuck? Can you tell me more please?

pretty great!


Best gardening simulator. 5/7

This is neat! Is there a downloadable version at all?

Glad that you like it. I didn’t consider making a downloadable version, why do you think it’s a good idea?

I generally find it easier to keep downloaded versions of games on my hard drive for playing in future/preserving, but no worries at all if it's not in your plans! 

Good point. I'll look into having a downloadable version for the new game I'm working on.

realy good!

As an example, browser technology changes more often than OS (usually).  Unity had to scrap their whole web player a while back.