• about 10-15 minutes long -
  • 8 endings - 
  • a hidden mechanic-
  • easy to play - 
  • free -
  • a roguelike (die and start over) - 
  • best played in Chrome
  • Languages: English, Spanish and Italian, German


  • "The gameplay is smooth and combat poses a challenge despite its simplicity,(...)This short adventure is an impressive first game for sure" — Indie Game Of The Week

Development log


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Congrats on a very smooth first game! 

Pretty good for a first game

Very nice little game! Love the graphics and the aesthetic.
I saw what you were doing with this and almost got it 100% 
Well played :D

PS: that walking animation is soooo smooth!

so cool, it just has to make the game smoother, I don't know if it's just for me but it's kind of stuck 

What do you mean by stuck? Can you tell me more please?

pretty great!


Best gardening simulator. 5/7

This is neat! Is there a downloadable version at all?

Glad that you like it. I didn’t consider making a downloadable version, why do you think it’s a good idea?

I generally find it easier to keep downloaded versions of games on my hard drive for playing in future/preserving, but no worries at all if it's not in your plans! 

Good point. I'll look into having a downloadable version for the new game I'm working on.

realy good!

As an example, browser technology changes more often than OS (usually).  Unity had to scrap their whole web player a while back.